Library Rules

of educational institution “Almaty Management University”

     These rules are based on the Regulation of the Library of EI “Almaty Management University” and regulate the general order of reader service organization, rights and responsibilities of the library and readers.

1. The rights of the reader

The readers can:

·        use the librarian bibliographic and information services provided by the Library

·        get full information on Library collections and advice support in searching and selecting information sources

·        borrow materials for temporary use at home or for use in the reading room

·        get materials or copies by e-document delivery (EDD) in the prescribed manner

·        participate in events organized by the Library

·        contact the Library administration with various requests and suggestions.

2. Readers commitments

Readers have to follow these rules to use the Library:

·        take care of the documents borrowed from the library fund, and return them within the prescribed period

·        to review a material for discovering damages before borrowing it and in case of any damage to inform to the librarian

·        the last user of a material is responsible for damages, if there is any damage

·        readers must check the list of all borrowed materials at the end of every school year

·        readers must replace lost or damaged material with identical materials or equivalent materials found equal by the Library

·        readers have to pay tripled cost of lost or damaged material, when it’s impossible to replace it

·        readers must return all borrowed materials before graduation or quitting the University and get signed bypass list

·        keep quiet and follow the rules within the library, respect other readers and staff of the Library.

3. Restrictions

These actions are prohibited:

·        take materials from the library premises if they are not recorded in the electronic reader's data card

·        give the reader’s ID-card to another person

·        install computer programs or updates on the library computers

·        change, distribute, publish materials from the University Library website for community or commercial purposes.

·        enter to the library premises in winter coats, with large bags or food.

4. The Library facilities

The library provides an implementation of the rights and needs of readers:

·        form the library fund in accordance with the University policy

·        provide an access for readers to all library collections in paper, electronic, audio, video and other media

·        provide readers with comprehensive information on the library collection, electronic database, new materials as well as facilitating events, webinars, seminars, exhibitions through the web site http://lib.almau.edu.kz, and other means of the library informing

·        provide consultation support for readers to find and select information sources, improve their information culture

·        maintain records, storage and use of collection of materials in the Library Funds

·        be responsible for the safety of the Library Fund

·        conduct outreach activities, facilitate public events that promote the moral values, ​​broaden scientific outlook and improve creative thinking of readers

·        create and maintain a comfortable environment for the library readers.



5. Admission

·        All readers need to go through registration process to obtain ID cards at the Library after enrollment or before starting work at the University. ID cards are issued for free to use during all period of studying or working. In case of loss a duplicate is reissued. Reissue of an ID-card is non-free.

·        During the registration process to the Library a reader has to meet the Rules in prescribed manner

·        students, undergraduates and graduate students are to be recorded in accordance to the enrollment list

·        readers must show their ID and bring their photo for the registration process

·        other readers are served in the Library at toll basis by their ID or according to conditions of agreements with other organizations for the library service. The library ID card is to be issued for temporary use in this case.

6. Loan facilities and terms of borrowing

Publications can be loaned for the following terms:

·        students can borrow books and textbooks for a semester or academic year according to their curricula and programs. Professors, teachers and researchers of the university can borrow books (not more than 10 copies) for 6 (six) months and prolong the term one more time 

·        if textbooks are insufficient for demand, then they can be loaned only for "short subscription" (from 10 to 30 days)

·        single-copy editions available in the library fund are available for use in the reading rooms or in electronic form;

·        scientific publications are loaned for 20 days up to 5 copies for all types of readers

·        multi-volumed publications simultaneously can be loaned no more than 2 volumes at a time

·        period of use of research and belletristic literature can be extended if there is no demand from other readers (or reduced, if the publications is in high demand)

·        in case of delayed return of  books and unmatched measures of the period of use, the reader will be fined for the amount defined by the Library in accordance with approved documents by the Rector of the University;

·        part-time students can borrow only during the academic term

·        university teachers and employees are required to return or prolong borrowed books (no more than 7 copies) at the end of the academic year, i.e. until July 1, then get a note of debt absence and deliver it to the accounting department before summer holidays (vacation)

·        after the date of leaf control faculty and staff can take the necessary literature for the summer holidays.

  • после сдачи листка контроля преподаватели и сотрудники могут взять необходимую литературу на время летних каникул.

7. Conduct within the using Library and e-library

·        reader is to be registered and get instructions from a librarian on the library rules and safety instructions before the first visit to the reading rooms.

·        readers show ID-cards and fill out the readers' demand to order in the reading rooms, no more than 7 copies can be borrowed at a time in the reading rooms

·        readers can borrow books (no more than 3 copies) for “a night use” 2 hours prior to the closing of the reading rooms, after paying and giving the readers’ ID-cards. External users can’t borrow for “a night use”. Encyclopedia and other reference books, rare, valuable, unique copies, magazines, the original copies of documents from the primary bookstore can’t be loaned

·        only instructors under their responsibility can borrow to use materials for independent work of student with teacher from the reading rooms in classes

·        wi-fi access to the Internet is provided in the reading rooms 

·        users can have an access to the digital resources of the Library as well as to additional functionalities through the website of the University. Log in using your username and password through the Internet.

·        users are obliged to take care of all equipment in the reading rooms, and in case of malfunctioning of an equipment immediately notify a librarian in the reading rooms

·        using USB flash cards, compact disks and other educational means are allowed after showing them to a librarian in the reading rooms

·        materials from the web-site of the Library is allowed to be copied and/or cited exclusively for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Article 19 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Copyright and the Related Rights" issued on June 10, 1996, № 6-I,  with mandatory indication of titles and authors of sources. Copyright © sign must be kept and prohibited to delete for copies of the materials and/or programs.



8.Violation of the Library Rules

·        readers may be deprived of access to the library services for 1 month or more for systemic or gross violence of the library rules.

·        information on the gross violations of the library rules shall be submitted to the dean's office.


Library schedule:             


The AlmaU Library announces the transition to a new work schedule from 19.09.2022:

Monday - Friday from 8.00 to 18.00 without a break;

Saturday - from 09.00 to 17.00;

Sunday are not working day.


All questions you are interested in will be answered in the virtual reference service of the library  http://lib.almau.edu.kz/en/page/9  or by

e-mail lib@almau.edu.kz