The AlmaU New Project “The Taming of the Routine: Reading with Delight and Benefits”

Routine slows down pace of life, it brings commonness and grayness. Diversity of life inspires, encourages, ennobles. Searching for inspiration and the meaning of life is human’s mission. Perhaps finding a good and useful book might be an important event in the life of someone and help them to revise their values and activities, to receive aesthetic pleasure and intellectual nourishment.


Dear AlmaU Readers, we suggest you to get involved in the project "The Taming of the Routine: Reading with Delight and Benefits."

Become an expert and recommend 5 books for students, graduate students, colleagues. Maybe these books will help them make the right decision, expand personal horizons, or perform or perceive better. Finding a good book helps to make the world better place and brings joy to people, because each book is born out of a dialogue of mind and heart.

We offer you to fill in private space with books that you recommend, and please provide a few good reasons why one need to read these particular books. The books proposed by you will be posted on the library's website. And there will be conferences for readers and many other activities in the future. We offer special prizes for readers who recommend up-to-date popular and bestseller books on business and best practices.

Welcome to the project!

Синьцзян: большой вопрос для Китая и Казахстана

Сыроежкин, К.Л.

The godfather

Puzo, M.

Orwell, G.

Orwell, G.

The green mile

King, S.

Gone with the wind: Historical novel

Mitchell, M.

Fahrenheit 451: Science fiction novel

Bradbury, R.

Popular books

Students read

  • Как оценить и продать свой бизнес
  • Лидерство Мацуситы
  • Резонансное лидерство
  • Консильери: Лидер в тени 
  • The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World
  • Creative confidence: unleashing the creative potential within us all
  • The customer funded business

Teachers read

  • The godfather
  • The green mile
  • Key MBA Models
  • Как работает Google
  • Инноваторы. Как несколько гениев, хакеров и гиков совершили цифровую революцию
  • Value investing from graham to Buffett and beyond 
  • Disrupting Class. How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns
  • Конкурируя за будущее. Создание рынков завтрашнего дня (Competing for the Future. Creating tomorrow's markets)
  • Будущее менеджмента

Employees read

  • Выход из кризиса есть !
  • Winning The Hearts. Достучаться до сердец сотрудников 
  • Настольная книга венчурного предпринимателя. Секреты лидеров стартапов
  • The Development of University-Based Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. Global Practices
  • It's Not Rocket Science: Discover the Surprisingly Simple Ideas Behind the Most Exciting Bits of Science
  • Entrepreneurial Learning: New perspectives in research, education and practice. 
  • The Lean Entrepreneur. How visionaries create products, innovate with new ventures, and disrupt markets