We are for digital equality!

Dear readers!

To be literate today, it is no longer enough to have basic reading, numeracy and writing skills - you need to be able to apply this knowledge in the digital space. To do this you need to be proficient in computer technology. Unfortunately, not every schoolchild in Kazakhstan has their own PC or laptop. To eliminate the digital imbalance, the AlmaU library in collaboration with the Connect-Ed Public Foundation @connected_kz as part of the “We are for digital equality!” campaign. I collected equipment for families who do not have the opportunity to buy equipment and devices for their children.

All assembled equipment is tested for functionality, repaired as necessary, the necessary programs are installed or updated, and then the equipment is sent to children throughout Kazakhstan.

We are pleased to announce that the representative of the Connect-Ed company was given 4 sets of personal computers, 1 laptop, 3 tablets, 3 e-book readers, donated by the University, employees and teaching staff of AlmaU.

We would like to thank the management of AlmaU, employees and teaching staff for their active participation.

Your old computer can change someone's life!


Your library.