The Public Library

On the eve of AlmaU's 35th birthday on December 15, 2023, a Sunday Public Library will open in the renovated library. As part of the growing “Silver University” project, the Public Library’s plans include courses on digital literacy for pensioners with the study of the possibility of communicating with government agencies, conducting transactions in bank applications and freely navigating social networks. The working title of these courses “With a smartphone on YOU” accurately expresses the level that users will achieve after completing the course, which will be conducted in Russian and Kazakh languages. Also, the Public Library will host meetings of book and film clubs for everyone, meetings with psychologists and consultations with a geriologist. Users of the public library will have the opportunity to watch films individually and in groups in Kazakh, Russian and English and enjoy communication while discussing what they have watched and read over a cup of tea.

We are waiting for our first visitors on December 24 from 10:00 to 14:00.


Public Library Program:
1 Sunday – familiarization with library resources, discussion of the event plan, viewing and discussion of a social short film, free activities, selection of a book for discussion for next Saturday, selection of silver volunteers for the chess and checkers club, tea party;
2 Sunday - watching a film adaptation of a book, discussion, quiz on the film, free activities, tea drinking;
3 Sunday – discussion of the book read, free activities – working with the computer, communication, participation in other sections, drinking tea;
4 Sunday – presentation from readers “My favorite books”, literature exchange, free activities, tea drinking;
5 Sunday – Presentation from readers “My favorite film”, free activities, tea party

Ongoing activities:
1. “Watching movies in English from Netflix” - weekly;
2. Digital literacy courses “With a smartphone for YOU”
3. Watch films in Kazakh/Russian language

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