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       Scientific Seminars AlmaU:

1. Scientific seminar for students of doctoral programs in two parts 02.02.2022

  • Presentation - link
  • Recording of the Scientific Seminar for students of doctoral programs - link

2.  Scientific seminar "Ystyk Shelpek": "Principles of combining descriptive and model analysis in applied economics". 09.29.2022

Recording of the scientific seminar - link

3. Scientific seminar«Forced telecommuting during the COVID-19 lockdown: the impact on corporate culture in Spain and Kazakhstan». 

SpeakerPaloma Díaz-Soloaga, Aurora Díaz-Soloaga

  •  Presentation - link

4. Scientific seminar on publication activity 11.07.2022

Speaker: Director of the Information and Resource Department of AlmaU Buldybaev T.K.

Recording of a scientific seminar - link

5. Scientific seminar «Ystyk Shelpek»: «Using Machine Learning Tools to Solve Prediction Problems»23.12.2022 

Speaker:PhD, Researcher Abishev Kuanysh

6. Scientific seminar «How to publish to SCOPUS (supported by artificial intelligence tools)». 26.01.2023 года

Спикер: Phd, Professor Almau University Frigerio Alberto

7. Scientific seminar «Ystyk Shelpek»: «Epidemic in the Gulag in the memories of former prisoners». 27.01.2023

  • Recording of a scientific seminar - link


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